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Current Events

SAGA Indoor Play Dates

SAGA will be hosting popular play dates soon.  Let’s give our hounds a chance to run around in a fun and safe indoor environment. As always this will give the dogs and people a greyt opportunity to stretch their legs and interact freely in a safe OFF-LEASH environment.

Please bring your own water/pop, your supervision eyes and most importantly your dog’s MUZZLE, as your dog will not be allowed to participate without. WAIVERS will be available on location.

Indoor Play Date
Location: TBA
Date: Sunday TBA
Time: 11 – Noon
Donations appreciated

meetandgreetSAGA Meet & Greets

Hello SAGA Family & Friends, in light of the COVID-19 circumstances and the recommendations from the CDC, the World Health Organization and all local jurisdictions, we have made the decision to postpone the Meet & Greet events at the Chinook Petsmart. (The 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month, excluding long weekends).  We will keep you updated on when we determine to restart this bi-weekly event.

321 – 61st Avenue SW
Calgary AB

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Video Gallery

If any SAGA greyhound owners has a funny or unique video they would like to share, please upload to YouTube and label it as SAGA Greyhound (Dog’s name here) – (Video title here). Send link to You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will included it in our Video Gallery.

Cheetah versus Greyhound

The BBC posted a great super slow motion video comparing the speed and gate of the Cheetah versus a Racing Greyhound.  Pay particular attention to the circular rotary gallop of the greyhound.  Make sure you also watch the action of the greyhound’s mouth and tongue as he runs.  The video is over five minutes.  Enjoy

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Dog 101 – Greyhound

Please check out this Animal Planet video about Greyhounds.  It provides a some historical background information, they also explain what makes greyhounds run so fast and then provide some general information about these great animals.  Enjoy.

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SAGA’s Fall Greyhound Haul – 2013

On October 6, 2013, SAGA brought eight recently retired greyhound to Calgary.  This haul comprised of 2 males and 6 females, two of the females are gentle and loving senior girls.  Check out this video and watch these new retired hit the ground running as they exit the transport van.  Enjoy.

Video Courtesy of Dino’s Dad

Thomas Dudley of Moptop Marketing

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SAGA’s 10th Anniversary Summer Event – 2013

SAGA held their 10th Anniversary Summer Event at Dogma in the south of Calgary on July 14th.  The Summer Event was originally scheduled for June 23rd but had to be rescheduled due the severe flooding in Calgary. The Summer Event drew close to 50 greyhounds and over 55 humans.  All costs for this event were covered by the generous donations of the attendees.  We even raised some additional funds which will allow SAGA to bring more greyhounds up from the US and ensure they can retire in loving and caring forever homes.  Check out this short video to see some of the two and four legged attendees.  Enjoy!!

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SAGA’s Christmas Party – 2012

SAGA held their Greyhound Christmas Party at East Acres Equestrian Centre,  an indoor heated equine riding arena.  Over twenty greyhounds stretched their legs and even had several games including hot dog bobbing, owner recall and even some individual running.  All adopters enjoyed a Pot Luck finger foods and the greyhounds had lots of Pawluck snacks.  SAGA thanks the volunteers, adopters, Board members, our greyhounds and especially East Acres Equestrian for donation of their facilities.   Special thanks to Samantha Pritchard for taking this great video.  Enjoy!!!

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Walter and Borys

Walter and Borys are best buddies and not only will Walter share his food and sleeping pad with Borys, he also puts a new meaning to team work by helping Borys with a bath. Borys, the little stinker, takes up most of the sleeping pad and Walter still loves the cuddles.  Walter (aka Ruben) is one of the greyhounds from our Oct 28, 2012 haul.

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Greyhound Haul – July 1, 2012

This great video, courtesy of Foster Mom Samantha Pritchard shows the arrival of eight new Canadian greyhounds into Calgary.  Watch as they stretch their legs after a long long trip to their forever home.  All eight greyhounds were quickly adopted.  Enjoy the video and music.

Adopt a Greyhound

This video, courtesy of Friends of Retired Greyhounds, gives you a wonderful perspective of what adopting a Retired Racing Greyhound can bring to your life.  “Adopt me and I will be your Best Forever Friend (BFF)”.  You might fall in love when that one greyhound winks at you!  Enjoy.

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Derr during his racing career

SAGA’s Derr is running at Jacksonvile Racing in Orange Park Florida on Feb 6 ,2004.  Derr is wearing bright blue vest with number 2 on it and comes from the middle of the pack to win it by a nose in a time of 38.25.  Great Job Derr!!!

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Yogi Bear Rooing

This video is SAGA foster Yogi Bear rooing with his two SAGA sisters Moxie and Lolli joining in the background.

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