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SAGA is a volunteer run, non-profit organization that was founded in the summer of 2003 by a group of people that had fallen in love with these majestic animals and saw the demand for such an organization here in Alberta.

Not only does SAGA promote the adoption of retired racing greyhounds to loving homes, our mandate also includes providing information about greyhounds to the public. These dogs are not what most people would expect, which is why we encourage everyone to come experience them at one of our Meet and Greet events. SAGA is committed to looking out for the welfare of retired racing greyhounds, educating people about ex-racing greyhounds, their qualities as pets, and their care.

SAGA works with Organizations in the U.S.A. to bring retired racing National Greyhound Association (NGA) dogs, whose racing careers have ended, to Alberta where they may live out their natural lives as loving family members in good homes. To do this SAGA has developed and maintains good working relationships with the greyhound racing community in the United States to receive dogs when they have finished their racing careers. SAGA is racing neutral and enjoys the respect of both the racing community and the adoption community as we work towards finding retired racing greyhounds Forever Homes.  Once these greyhounds arrive into our care we foster them until a suitable home can be found.

SAGA has a very thorough Adoption process where we review and match nurturing homes with the right greyhound.

SAGA also realizes the need to increase awareness and educate the general public concerning retired racing greyhounds as pets through public events. By doing this we are also able to raise funds that help us to move forward with our Mission and Mandate and to continue to build a strong organization which helps promote retired racing greyhounds as pets.

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meet greet_7900Contact Us

SAGA – Southern Alberta Greyhound Association
Lost Dog & General Inquiries:
Phone: 403-889-1932
(24 hrs per day / 7 days per week)
Mailing Address:
49 Martinridge Way NE
Calgary, AB      T3J 3C9

dogMission / Mandate

Our on-going Mission is to promote the welfare and adoption of greyhounds by providing support and information to adopters and the public and to build a strong support organization for owners of adopted greyhounds to ensure their care and quality of life.

We work within the Calgary and Southern Alberta areas to bring these wonderful dogs into Forever homes.

SAGA truly believes that adopting a greyhound is a life changing event.

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Documents & Forms

The following link will take you to SAGAs’ online Adoption Form:

SAGA Adoption Form

The following link will download a PDF copy of SAGA’s Adoption Handbook:

SAGA Adoption Handbook

The following link will download a PDF copy of Greyhound Brag Cards:

Greyhound Brag Cards

The following link will download a PDF copy of Greyhound Medical Idiosyncrasies:

Greyhound Medical Idiosyncrasies Document

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