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Donations are always welcome and very much needed to help care for retired Greyhounds before they are adopted.  Adoption fees are used to cover some expenses, however many dogs need additional care before placement, which in many cases, can be quite costly.

Since 2003 SAGA has been able to help Greyhounds because of your generous donations.  Words cannot express how much your generosity is appreciated.  Truly, without donations, Greyhounds don’t find loving homes; it’s really that simple.  A loving home in a Greyhounds life makes a difference, not only to that Greyhound, but to the family that loves him and, as a result, the world around him.  “We must become the change we want to see”  Mahatma Gandhi.

Your charitable contributions are greatly appreciated.  We are a registered Non-Profit Organization in Canada and your donations are fully tax deductible.  We will send you a Tax Receipt in the mail.

All donations go towards the Greyhounds.

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Donations and payments can be made to SAGA using one of the four methods below:

1 – PayPal using Canadian Funds

2 – PayPal using US Funds

3 – CanadaHelps.org

4 – Bank Cheques

Click on the desired option for detailed instructions.

1 – PayPal using Canadian Funds

Use Canadian Funds PayPal for General Donations, Adoption Deposits, Final Adoption Payments, Annual Membership Fees and Lost & Found Donations.

You can use your PayPal Account, Debit Cards or Credit Cards.

Click on the Canadian Funds PayPal button below:

When PayPal asks you to “Please review your donation”, click on the plus sign under the SAGA name and enter one of the reasons above for your payment.

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2 – PayPal using US Funds

Use US Funds PayPal for General Donations only.

You can use your PayPal Account, Debit Cards or Credit Cards.

Click on the US Funds PayPal button below:

When PayPal asks you to “Please review your donation”, click on the plus sign under the SAGA name and enter one of the reasons above for your payment.

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3 – CanadaHelps.org

Use CanadaHelps.org for Canadian Funds Donations.

Donations can be made in your own name              or

Donations can be made in memory of an individual or

Donations can be made as a gift in honour/on behalf of an individual.

You can use Credit Cards, Debit Cards or even your PayPal Account.
Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!

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4 – Bank Cheques

SAGA still accepts Donations and Payments using cheques.

Make cheque payable to:

Southern Alberta Greyhound Association
1311 – 109 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB  T2W 0C8

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windshear-2Foster homes for SAGA’s Greyhounds are always a critical need. By being a Foster Home you provide a safe and caring temporary home for one of the Greyhounds that has been brought up from the US into SAGA’s adoption program. You are a vital part of ensuring that they transition from the racetrack to life in a home. It can be a very rewarding experience.

The most common reservation we hear about Fostering a Greyhound is that people are afraid they will get too attached.  This is a very real fear for anyone but we ask that you remember that if you adopt you can save one but if you foster you can save many.  

As a foster, you sacrifice a bit of your heart and your home to the greyhounds. The dogs bond quickly and it can be hard to give them up when they are adopted. But remember Fostering is a lesson in unselfish love. 

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Any organization is only as strong and successful as those who support it with their donations, whether it be monetary or the gift of themselves through Volunteering.  SAGA needs Volunteers to ensure that it is a success!

Being a volunteer with SAGA can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will have,  whether it is participating with your greyhound at a special event, fostering a greyhound to prepare him/her for their forever home, fundraising, administrative, public relations or transporting/picking up greyhounds from the US and bringing them to Calgary.

SAGA supports, welcomes and encourages an active volunteer base of Greyhound lovers who share the passion and vision of finding loving, responsible forever homes for Greyhounds to live out their natural lives.  If you would like to be part of SAGA’s volunteer family please  Contact SAGA

For Meet & Greet Volunteers, please click on the Volunteer Spot button below and use your email address to access the Volunteer Calendar:

CLICK to view Volunteer Opportunities - VolunteerSpot

Hotmail users – please add mail@volunteerspot.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view your contacts to ensure sign up email is delivered to you including confirmations and reminders.

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tag 340 - img_1632Annual memberships to SAGA are only $10. 100% of the proceeds go directly to SAGA.

 With your membership, you receive our monthly newsletter as well as the opportunity to attend & participate in our Annual General Meeting.

SAGA’s Mandate is to educate people about retired Racing Greyhounds and to ensure that the dogs we find “Forever Homes” for are placed in the best environment for them.   Doing this costs money and our only means of continuing our Mandate is to raise funds and we do this through fundraising events and, now, we offer Memberships to SAGA.

These Memberships cost only $10 / year and 100% of the proceeds go towards our wonderful cause, giving retired Greyhounds a chance for Forever Home!

To purchase a 12 month SAGA membership, please complete the online application form, or download the PDF Application Form.

To pay the $10 yearly Membership Fee you have two options:
1.  Utilize our PayPal option on the Donations Page
2.  Send a cheque to the address indicated on the Membership Form.

If you use the PayPal option please fax, email or mail your Membership Form to us indicating you have paid via PayPal.  

We appreciate you becoming a Member of SAGA! 

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Greyhound Brag Tags

Thanks to a loyal SAGA Supporter (Scott H.) for putting together these Greyhound “Brag Tags”.

If you find that people are always stopping you and asking you, “What kind of dog is that?” and wanting more information about Greyhounds we encourage you to print off a copy, cut them into wallet sized cards and carry one or two of them to hand-out at the dog park. Help spread the word about adopting a retired racing Greyhound!!

By clicking below you will download a PDF copy of Greyhound Brag Cards:

Greyhound Brag Tags

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